Why ?

Simply because we think websites should be smoooth and fun to navigate. They should not break when a page is loaded.

Seamless page transitions can help to achieve this effect.  Every time a page is loaded without ajax, you can see the browse screen flash for around 100ms. It makes our brain freeze 100ms every times! By loading pages with AJAX, you get 3 main advantages:

  1. It creates a seamless navigation so it’s good for UX.

  2. It speeds up your website because main scripts are being loaded only on the first page load. All subsequent pages will benefit from the already-loaded scripts and will not have to call them again and again. Also, we can preload your pages when people hover a link for more than 100ms. It means that when the user will actually click the link, the new page will (mostly) already be loaded.

  3. It allows you to display widgets that can float your website such as audio player, youtube videos, menu, popups, or  banners! It means that when a new page is being loaded, the widget will not break or disappear. It just stay fixed! Hello Musicians, Vloggers and Podcasters!